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Chocolate Tofino

Handmade Gelato


Dutch Chocolate

Chocolate Gelato made from the highest quality Dutch Chocolate.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-salted-caramel Salted Caramel
Sweet and creamy with a hint of Vancouver Island Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate Flakes. Harrison Ford once stopped in to grab one of these in a waffle cone.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-maple-pecan Maple Pecan Praline
Sweet and creamy with Canadian Maple Syrup and fresh Toasted Pecans in a Hard Crack Caramel. The Prime Minister has had the pleasure of enjoying this one.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-mint-belgian-flake Mint Chocolate Flake
Mint with chunks of our Dark Colombian Chocolate. You’ll notice that we don’t artificially colour it green. :)

chocolate-tofino-gelato-hedgehog Hedge Hog
Dutch Chocolate Gelato folded together with creamy Hazelnut Gelato.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-white-chocolate-raspberry White Chocolate Raspberry
Fresh homemade Raspberry Sauce layered throughout our Vanilla Gelato.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-lavender-honey Lavender Honey
Our local favorite, made with Organic Lavender from Happy Valley Farms and Babe’s Wildflower Honey.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-stracciatella Stracciatella
A combination of Sweet Cream, Vanilla Beans and single origin Dark Chocolate flecks from our favourite single origin, fine flavour Colombian Cacao.

This secret recipe has been mystifying the crowds since 2017. While we won’t tell you what’s in it, it’s blend is both widely appreciated and sophisticated. Elijah Wood seemed to really enjoy it!

Our original take on Cookies ‘n Cream, a Vanilla Bean Base with crunchy Salted Caramel Biscuits. Welcome to Kookville.

Good Vibrations (Rhino Espresso Chocolate Flake)
Our popular Espresso Gelato made with fresh locally roasted Espresso Beans from the Rhino Coffee House combined with flakes of fine flavour Dark Chocolate.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-coffee-toffeeRhino Coffee Toffee*
A full flavor Espresso Gelato made with fresh locally roasted Espresso Beans from the Rhino Coffee House and combined with course chopped housemade Almond English Toffee.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-pistachio California Pistachio
Premium California Pistachios make this pleasantly light green and easy on the palette.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-strawberry Summer Strawberry
Delicious fresh strawberries in a creamy Summer blend. The truth is, if we put any more strawberries in this, we couldn’t even turn it into Gelato.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-vanilla-bean Vanilla Bean
A classic Vanilla Bean Gelato with tiny seeds and rich natural oils scraped from fresh Indonesian Vanilla Pods.

So Pitted! (Cherry Chocolate Flake)
Cherries and Dark Chocolate. There’s certain “Cherry People” out there who only eat this flavour. It’s a thing and we’d better have it for them.

Midnight Marauder*
A serious Chocolate Gelato, it comes and goes quickly and silently. Made with a single origin Colombian Cacao, it is a true chocolate maker’s Gelato, measured strictly by the fine flavour Chocolate contained within. It’s paradise.

Chocolate Brownie Deluxe*
Big, gooey chunks of Homemade Brownies folded togther with a special Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Gelato. Some people seem to just pick out all the Brownies, so we put extra in there.

The perfect layering of Chocolate, Pistachio and Vanilla Bean make this selection absolutely irresistible! It’s definitely one of our favourites!

Neapolitan Dynamite*
The perfect Neapolitan with twice as much Strawberry folded together with Vanilla Bean and Dutch Chocolate. You may ask what the dynamite is. That’s marketing.

Toasted S’mores*
Before busy Long Weekends, we spend a whole day toasting pans of fresh Marshmallows and chocolate-coating Graham Wafers to bust up in this fan favourite! It doesn’t come out all that often, but watch for it in the Summer.

Sailor Jerry Rum Raisin*
Legit. It’s got Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum infused Raisins, lots of them! This traditional flavour is done right, with boozey Raisins in a spiced Vanilla Base.

Vegan Salted Caramel Gelato* (v)
A Coconut-based and Dairy-free alternative to our all time favourite Salted Caramel Gelato, loaded with fine flavour Dark Chocolate Flakes.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-chocolate-coconut Vegan Chocolate Coconut Gelato (v)
A creamy Organic Coconut Milk alternative for our Dairy-Free or Vegan Friends who love Chocolate.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-mango-sorbet Tropical Mango Sorbet (v)
Dairy Free and all the goodness of whole Mangos.

Raspberry Sorbet* (v)
Made with beautiful, ripe Raspberries from Krause Berry Farms and it’s Dairy Free.

Mojito Sorbet* (v)
Fresh aromatic Mint leaves, tart Lime and a little sneak of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum plus it’s Dairy Free.

*Sometimes Seasonal, sometimes as we please.

Ask about your favourite flavors if you don’t see them in the cabinet. We only have room for so many at a time.

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