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The At-Your-Own-Risk Christmas Sale – 25% Extra FREE Product!

Posted on December 7, 2018

All bets are off!

With the fallout from the rotating strikes and the severe backlog of parcels, Christmas in Canada this year is an unpredictable time.

When inquiring at our local Post Office whether our parcels will make it by the Big Day, we were told that any expressed Guarantees are gone. All Canadians are in the same boat this Season and there may be more than a few of us sitting around on December 27 with a cup of Egg Nog opening our freshly delivered Post-Christmas Gifts.

We had decided this year that the usual Christmas Promotions might be too difficult without a dependable carrier. As a small business it’s difficult to send out replacement packages if they fail to arrive on time. However, one of our long time Customers and Friends asked if we could still do a promotion.

We’re risk takers at heart so let’s do something fun! We’ll keep it simple.

Any orders that are placed before Midnight PST on Sunday, December 9th, will qualify for an extra 25% of FREE product included in the Package. We’ll include things like our new Butter Toffee Bark, a Chocolate Santa or two, and Seasonal Treats to reward your risk!*

Start Shopping and get an extra 25% in FREE Product!

We believe that risk is worth the reward!

*We’ll pack up your Online Orders and get them mailed out within 2-3 Days. The timeline is up to Canada Post. We cannot guarantee dates or details after the package leaves our hands and there will be no refunds or discounts for late or damaged deliveries. Tracking Information will be provided in most cases and we can all follow along together as we watch it cross this great Nation. When you write your letter to Santa, let him know that you’d really prefer to have your parcel before Christmas if possible. Let’s just hope that he gets your Christmas List in time.


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