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Things are getting Spooky… Halloween Pre-orders available!

Halloween Treats at Chocolate Tofino

Halloween 2014 Pre-orders

This year Chocolate Tofino is offering a limited number of fun Halloween Pumpkin Chocolates on a stick. Help teach the neighbor’s kids what good Halloween chocolate tastes like or bring in a treat for your friends at work.

They’re not your everyday Halloween treat, we’re using our premium blends of Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate. There are a limited amount of the Halloween Pumpkins available, so get your name on the list early!

Chocolate Tofino Halloween Pumpkins
$1.95 each or Bags of 10 for $15

Limited Quantities available, call (250) 725-2526 today!

Plus, bring your little ghouls into Chocolate Tofino on Halloween and receive a Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate FREE. Everyone who gets one must be in costume and under the age of majority. We’re open until 6 pm.

October is Surf Month in Tofino – Check out our Specials!

Surf Month Specials

After-Surf Hot Chocolate Elixir – 2 for $7
Warm up with your buddy after a cold autumn surf.  After having it handed to you at Cox Bay,
Chocolate Elixir soothes your soul and coats your insides with Chocolate. Wetsuits welcome.

Chocolate Tofino Surfboards to Support the Surfrider Foundation
We’ve got a Surfshack full of little Chocolate Tofino Surfboards.
This October, we’re donating a dollar from each surfboard sold to the Surfrider Foundation. Available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate.
Order them online if you’re not able to make it in.


Tourism Tofino
Visit Tourism Tofino for a full list of Surf Month Specials





The Ice Cream Wagon! Super Chill for Draggin’!

1961 Econoline Hot Rod

A little bit of that Hot Rod Rumble… A little bit of that Ice Cream Jingle.

Introducing the Chocolate Tofino Hot Rod.
It’s a 1961 Ford Econoline Van Pickup that has spent a good amount of time between Vancouver and the Island. We’re not entirely sure of it’s origin, but 53 years is enough time to have seen some things. From now on it’s making memories in Tofino delivering Chocolate and Homemade Gelato.

You’ll see it on Saturday Market Days downtown Tofino, assisting the Vintage Gelato Cart to the Village Green.

For those out there that know vehicles, it’s got a 302 V8, 3 Speed Automatic from a 1973 Ford Maverick. Flat Black Paint, hand painted Pin-striping, Cragar Mags and glass-packed Thrush Mufflers.

“Every Chocolate Shop needs a Hot Rod.” – Cam


Vintage Gelato Cart

Stainless Steel Picnic Pints for Gelato!

Chocolate Tofino Stainless Steel Picnic Pints

We’ve recently had some special Chocolate Tofino Stainless Steel Gelato Pints made up! They hold 16oz of our fresh homemade Gelato and keep it cool and ready to share during your adventure. Climb a mountain or enjoy a sunset boat ride and keep a nice Pint of Gelato waiting for you in your bag.

The Picnic Pints are a Stainless Steel double-walled container with a bowl on top for sharing. When we personally tested these, we got almost 5 hours out of it.

• Comes full of your favorite flavor of our Homemade Gelato (or a Giftcard for later)
• Keeps your Gelato cold for over 4 Hours
• Future Picnic Pint refills cost $1.00 less than regular Pints

Pick one up before you hit the trails or grab one as a gift.
Available In-store or Online

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Chocolate Tofino Girls

Chocolate Tofino is pleased to be honored with a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014.

Chocolate Tofino visitors have been keen to share their experiences with the TripAdvisor travel community. For the third year in a row, Trip Advisor has presented us with a Certificate of Excellence.

We feel that people can sense the love and hard work that goes into crafting fresh handmade Chocolate and Gelato from scratch. We have such a great team and are pleased to see them honored in this way.

Please share your love and excitement for Chocolate Tofino with the TripAdvisor community.



Eat this Bear to show you Care!

Buy a Chocolate Bear!

For the month of May, buy a Chocolate Tofino Bear filled with tiny Chocolate Fish and one dollar from your purchase will support Bear Conservation in BC. Great as a gift or a token of appreciation. Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate.

The Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip

Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip

Calling all Chocolate Lovers! Chocolate Tofino is proud to announce our newest offering: The Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip

Have you ever wished you could dip your entire head under our magical spinning chocolate fountains? Now you can make your Chocolate Dreams come true! Choose from our two Epic Packages:

The Essential Chocolate Head Dip
This experience includes the magical Full Chocolate Head Dip in Milk or Dark Chocolate, your choice of a Chocolate Tofino Tee Shirt or Official Chocolate Tofino Shop Apron and two Professional Photos (plus take as many of your own as you want!) for the low price of $199.95 + Tax

The Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip
The Ultimate package includes, besides the magical Full Chocolate Head Dip in Milk or Dark Chocolate, both a Chocolate Tofino Tee Shirt and an Apron, a Large Chocolate Gift Box full of fine Truffles and fresh Hand Crafted Chocolates and five Professional Photos (plus take as many as you want!) for $249.95 + Tax

The Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip

Bookings are limited, so call now to schedule yours! We are currently offering two evening dips, at 7pm or 8pm, on Tuesday or Thursday evenings for the month of April.

For your comfort, optional goggles and ear plugs are provided.

This experience is Vancouver Island Health Authority approved and guaranteed to make all of your Dreams come True. Call us today at 250-725-2526 to book your Chocolate Tofino Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip! You will not find an experience like this anywhere else!

Chocolate Tofino Shirt and Apron

The Essential / Ultimate Chocolate Head Dip © Chocolate Tofino • 2014

What do Espresso Beans, Surfboards & Mermaids have in common?

There’s always new ideas and developments happening within the doors of Chocolate Tofino. New products appear, then quickly and quietly vanish in the hands of faithful aficionados. Here are some new items that we’re excited to add to


Chocolate Espresso BeansDark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans featuring Tofino Coffee Roasting Company’s finest, freshest roast. It’s the best Coffee Beans in Tofino enrobed in our blend of premium Dark Belgian Chocolate.


Chocolate Tofino SurfboardChocolate Tofino Surfboards

We’re proud to live in the Surf Capital of Canada.
Chocolate Tofino Surfboards come wrapped in cellophane with a gold Chocolate Tofino decal and are tied with ribbon. Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate.


Mermaid Bark (Salted)Mermaid Bark

Our Mermaid Bark is a fun treat for all the Salty Sea Dogs out there. It’s Dark Belgian Chocolate sprinkled with local Vancouver Island Sea Salt, complete with mermaid scales imprinted on the back.


Elixir-Orbs Hot Chocolate Elixir Orbs (3 Pack)

Hot Chocolate Elixir all year-round and the freedom to make it to your exact preferences! Like it super-chocolatey? No problem. Prefer a non-dairy milk? Easy. You are the master of your own Elixir destiny.



It’s March and our Whales are back!

Chocolate Killer Whales
We’re excited that the whales are on their way back and the Pacific Rim Whale Festival is just around the corner!

This March, buy a Chocolate Whale and two dollars from your purchase
will go to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society anti-whaling
campaigns in the Antarctic.

We’ve got them in single color as Milk or Dark Chocolate and two color with White and Dark Chocolate. Buy them in the Shop or in our online store.



Introducing La Maya Truffles

La Maya

Inspired by our time in Central America, our new La Maya truffle captures the rich and complex flavors that the ancient Mayans perfected.

“Lots of people like spiced chocolate, however they’ve only eaten it in a solid bar with chili flakes or essential oils. I wanted to create a Chili Truffle that had flavor and depth that simply isn’t achievable in a solid bar. The focus for me, wasn’t on the heat but rather the well of dark flavors from the Ancient Mayan World. Each truffle is a fusion of 3 types of Dark Chocolate plus Chipotle, Vanilla, Cinnamon and includes fresh Arbol Chilis that I grew myself. This truffle is truly a gem to make, I just have to remember not to rub my eyes after.” – Cam

The La Maya Truffle made its debut in our Valentine’s 2014 Chocolate Lover’s Hearts. It has become quite a desired piece and is making appearances in some of our Gift Boxes.

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