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Gelato (plural: gelati) is the Italian word for Ice Cream and Sorbet. Italians use the word gelato to mean a sweet treat that is served frozen. Gelato, just like ice cream, is made with milk, cream, sugar and flavoring including fresh fruit and nut purees. The history of Gelato dates back to frozen desserts served in ancient Rome and Egypt made from ice and snow brought down from mountaintops and preserved below ground. High quality Artisan Gelato is made with many of the same ingredients as North American style Ice Cream, although Gelato has a tendency toward finer, more natural ingredients and less artificial flavors and colors. Gelato is frozen very quickly in individual small batches in a batch freezer. Compared with Ice Cream, Gelato has less air whipped into it because of lower churning speeds. This results in a denser product with more intense flavor. Gelato made with fresh fruit, sugar, and water and without dairy ingredients is Sorbet


Dutch Chocolate Gelato

Rich Chocolate Gelato made from the highest quality Dutch Cocoa  

chocolate-tofino-gelato-salted-caramel Salted Caramel Gelato
Sweet and creamy with a hint of Vancouver Island Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate Flakes

chocolate-tofino-gelato-maple-pecan Maple Pecan Praline Gelato
Sweet and creamy with Canadian Maple Syrup and fresh Toasted Pecans in a Hard Crack Caramel

chocolate-tofino-gelato-mint-belgian-flake Mint Chocolate Flake Gelato
A non-intrusive natural Mint with chunks of our Dark Colombian Chocolate

chocolate-tofino-gelato-hedgehog Hedge Hog Gelato
Dutch Chocolate Gelato folded together with creamy Hazelnut Gelato

chocolate-tofino-gelato-white-chocolate-raspberry White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato
Fresh homemade Raspberry Sauce layered throughout a Vanilla Base

chocolate-tofino-gelato-lavender-honey Lavender Honey Gelato
Our local favorite, made with Organic Lavender from Happy Valley Farms and Babe’s Wildflower Honey

chocolate-tofino-gelato-stracciatella Stracciatella
A combination of Sweet Cream, Vanilla Beans and single origin Dark Chocolate flecks from a single origin, fine flavour Colombian Cacao

chocolate-tofino-gelato-coffee-toffeeRhino Coffee Toffee Gelato
A full flavor Espresso Gelato made with fresh locally roasted Espresso Beans from the Rhino Coffee House and combined with course chopped housemade Almond English Toffee

chocolate-tofino-gelato-pistachio Caliofornia Pistachio Gelato
Premium California Pistachios make this pleasantly light green and easy on the palette

chocolate-tofino-gelato-strawberry Summer Strawberry Gelato
Delicious fresh strawberries in a creamy Summer blend  

chocolate-tofino-gelato-vanilla-bean Vanilla Bean Gelato
A classic Vanilla Bean Gelato with tiny seeds and rich natural oils scraped from fresh Indonesian Vanilla Pods

chocolate-tofino-gelato-chocolate-coconut Chocolate Coconut Gelato (Vegan)
A creamy Organic Coconut Milk alternative for our Dairy-Free or Vegan Friends who love Chocolate.

chocolate-tofino-gelato-mango-sorbet Tropical Mango Sorbet
Dairy Free and all the goodness of whole Mangos.

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